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      Customized Excellent and Largest Rotary Drilling Rig of Reman

      May. 22, 2018

      "The super-large diameter demands the drill to really have a super-large in-rock torque, and also the super-deep thought wants a super-long drill pole. At precisely the exact same period, a decent safe coefficient can also be crucial so as to operate in the status of super-large torque", Otherwise, using a height of nearly 35 yards and a weight of over 200 tons for the entire gear, the stability of drill function is also a challenging stage that has to be overcome.

      To comprehend the geologic requirement, the R&D team is to the client website for a comprehensive survey and been communication with the client in details. 

      Reman supply excellent Rotary Drilling Rig for each customer. We are professional Environmental Machinery Supplier in China.

      Rotary Drilling Rig

      Xuzhou Reman Construction Machinery Remanufacture Co., Ltd.

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